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Deep Chill Evening


Winter Deep Chill and Bliss Relaxation Evening


This time of year is one where nature is asking us to start to relax and let go, leaving room for rest before the joys of spring begin to awaken the inspiration towards new life and new light.


Despite this, more often than not, we tend to find it to be one of the busiest times of the year.


Working extra hard, preparing for the Christmas deadlines, working towards making sure there is enough money for all those presents, and then finding the time on top of that to prepare for the day, by organising family, food and gifts…it’s no wonder we are left exhausted and flat by January 1st.


We thought it would be nice to give you an evening of complete rest and relaxation. Where you can recuperate and let go for a while.


The evening will consist of the following.


* A very gentle restorative yoga practice, using supports such as blocks and blankets to aid for an effortless class as you encourage your body to let go…no huffing and puffing or red faces will be required. :-)


* A guided meditation and breathing practice, focussed towards release.


* Soothing sounds of gently played gongs, and singing bowls during a 45 minute relaxation that will leave you floating in peace.


You will also have the option of receiving a Reiki energy, should you wish to.


Refreshments will be served at the end, with time to mingle or to just sit and soak up the atmosphere…


You will need to bring along, 2 blankets, and a large rolled up towel, a pillow and your yoga mat if you have one.


Please complete this short registration form prior to attending.


You don’t need to have practiced yoga before and the session will be suitable for everyone.


The full cost of the evening is £33.


Looking towards the New Year with a peaceful heart, peaceful body and peaceful mind!


Arrival 6.45pm




45 minutes Yoga and Meditation

45 hour gongs and Reiki Energy.

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