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Gong Bath Event


"Thank you for booking a place or places on our Gong Bath Evening, we are looking forward to hosting this. To put you at ease for your evening, please see below details of the event and please forward these details onto anyone you have booked a space for.

What to bring with you. Seated options are available:

We recommend that you arrive for 6.45pm to get settled and ready, as we will not be able to allow anyone entry after the event starts (7.00pm). Please bring with you; your own mat, small pillow and gentle blanket to cover yourself as your body temperature may drop due to the relaxation. If you prefer to remain seated, please do state this as there is plenty of room for seated participation. You may also wish to bring a rolled up towel or pillow to place under the back of your knees for comfort of the lower back. Once the session starts, you will lie down your mat or take your seat. You will be bathed in the vibrations of the gongs and as a result may experience shifts in consciousness similar to that of deep relaxation or sleep, as the sound waves pass through you, you may feel as though you lose all sense of your physical body gravity. Once the session has come to an end, you can wrap up your evening with a complimentary Tea Lab herbal tea that will be infused with relaxing vibes. Contra-indications for a gong bath: Taking part is considered safe for most people, however a gong bath may not be recommended during pregnancy or for individuals diagnosed with epilepsy; those who have a pace maker or who suffer from seizures. Some mental health conditions are also contra-indicated. If you suffer from tinnitus or wear a healing aid, please bring ear plugs with you.

If you are in any doubt as to whether you should attend please do contact or 07984191016 and Carrie-Anne will be happy to advise you. Please complete the short online health disclaimer prior to attending the gong bath: We are very much looking forward to seeing you."

PLEASE NOTE: We now have a minimum 48hr cancellation policy to move your booking to a future date / refund as we are always sold out and places are in high demand. 

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