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Capra Falconeri Traveller Pakistan Magazine

Capra Falconeri Traveller is a bi-annual print publication, exploring the culture and travel of Pakistan through various themes. The word 'Capra Falconeri' means 'wild goat,' referring to the Markhor goat, which is the national animal of Pakistan. Just like the successful community-based conservation of its majestic national animal, coming back from the brink of extinction, Pakistan too is re-emerging. They have equally impressive and fascinating histories ready to be told. With striking photography and thought-provoking stories in each issue, our magazine celebrates the country's unique identity. It unlocks new ways of seeing – and being – allowing readers to dwell in different characters, narratives and timelines.
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Frequency Bi-Annual
Publisher Capra Falconeri
Publisher Website
Manufacture Country United Kingdom
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