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Exploring humankind’s interaction with nature. In this issue: The first issue of Where the Leaves Fall is divided into three thematic sections, alongside a series of exploratory essays. The theme headings and content for the first issue include: THE SOIL BENEATH OUR FEET As an artist working with living organisms, Daro Montag invites us to reconsider our relationship with soil, something that is crucial to all terrestrial life. In Japan, we interview Naoto Kanesaka, who tells us about the making of hikaru dorodango – shining mud dumplings. In Mali, photographer Annie Risemberg captures the crépissage de la Grande Mosquée – the replastering of the world’s largest mud structure. CROSSING THE BOUNDARY Gabriel Uchida’s photographic journey leads him to the Uru-eu-wau-wau, an indigenious people who live in the heart of the Amazon, where he finds a way of life under threat. Anna Souter considers how we need to start looking at our national borders through the eyes of our ecosystems. Paul Wu and his family leave their urban London life and relocate to a small farm on the island of Gotland, Sweden. A CLOSED LOOP FOOD SYSTEM Chris King, who has been documenting issues related to the food system for the past 6 years, considers the influence chefs have on our food culture, and details The Chef’s Manifesto – a group of chefs who have set out to follow a path to sustainability. Chef Arthur Potts Dawson considers our identity through the food we grow. Art photographer Allan Jenkins captures moments of decay. Anna Kary investigates the possibilities of urban composting in New Zealand.
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